Congratulations to the following:

Keep up the good work guys!

We have been in the Cleburne, Tx area for 30 years!

We teach Chinese Kung-Fu Kenpo and Tai-Chi.

We are the only AUTHENTIC Southern Shaolin system in the Cleburne area and with qualified instructors, you'll be sure to get the kind of instruction you want AND need!

Welcome to the Chinese Kung-Fu Kenpo Institute of Martial Arts Website!

We were finally able to get Sifu to sit down and stop teaching long enough to tell us about his life story.

It took 15 of us to get him to sit down, and well, some of us don't look so good now. ;)

We have seen a TON of changes throughout the years. We have seen students come and go. We have seen instructors come and go. One thing remains the same though. The truth in what we teach. We are dedicated in teaching our art to the students in a manner that will develop them personally and physically. Discipline comes from training and practice.

So take a moment, sit back and relax. Breathe.

Read the site. Take in everything you see.

Come join us at the dojo for a fun and exciting training regimen.

Become a Kenpoist and notice the difference in yourself today!

Better than that, let everyone else see the difference!