Kenpo. The MOST COMPLETE System.

First off, read a brief history of Kenpo, here.

You might be asking, "How can I benefit from the training? How can my family benefit from the training? Will this training affect me in a positive way? Well, that's what we're here for! We will teach you how to defend yourself, how to use chi, how to breathe (very important). How important is breathing? Well, let's try an experiment.

Hold your breath. Keep holding. Hold. Hold. What? You couldn't hold any longer? See how important it is! Actually, we don't teach you how to hold your breath. In fact, we do quite the opposite. Breathing is a very important part of our system. Breathing is relaxation. If you are relaxed, you are more alert. Relaxation is the key to Kung-Fu. If you are tense, you would be using more energy in your muscle than needed, which, in turn, would fatigue you quicker. We teach you how to overcome this. Through various methods including: Training, Drills and Techniques. It's a complete system that won't leave you asking, "What would I do if....". Well, actually, that's a good way to extend your knowledge, but we won't go into that here! You'll have to check it out for yourself.

On the right are some of the things that are in our system. There are links to different pages giving brief explanations. Please feel free to take a look around!