Adults. Where you re-learn everything!

How can adults benefit from this? I mean, I'm a big burly guy that can handle himself. I take my vitamins and eat good. No one messes with me!

Well, let's look at the benefits that you can reap from training:

Discipline - everyone needs it. Even if you are an adult, you need it. I'm not talking about "I'm mature", I'm talking about focus. Being able to focus on a task and keep focus is a form of discipline. It helps you to achieve goals, and in all honesty, there is NOTHING wrong with that!

Relaxation - wow, you haven't heard me say this one enough! If you have life induced stress (who doesn't), this art will teach you how to relax through meditation. Did you know that exercise is a GREAT way to reduce stress? If you have taken a look at the Meditation page yet, go over there a take a look. I talk about relaxation there as well.

Exercise - Great for reducing stress, weight loss and even fatigue. I don't mean get out there and run 15 miles, do 50,000 pushups and 30,000 situps. You can get GREAT benefit from moving slow and gentle performing Tai Chi. A sedentary lifestyle is among one of the largest problems this country faces. With all of the computers, *cough* and *cough* internet, the nation has a challenge of getting people off of the couch. Now it's your turn to get some great exercise and fight against the nations statistics!

Self Defense - Well, this goes without saying. We'll teach you how to defend yourself and your family! We use tried and true techniques that can take down any size opponent. Take a look at our What is Kenpo? page for more information!

Philosophy - Ok! This is one of the key components to our training. Through Meditation and Philosophical lessons, you can learn how to solve everyday problems with simple solutions. Sometimes, we as humans, make things too hard. Learning how to solve these problems through meditation is something that can be learned. By meditating, our minds are relaxed, we are focused and can concentrate on solutions to problems that we face everyday.

Here are a few examples of philosophical lessons as we present it in our own classes:

  • There are those who watch it happen, There are those who make it happen and There are those that ask what happened.
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
  • There is a wall of fire. On the other side of the wall is something that you truly desire. What is it?