Our Sifu's Roots and Journeys.

After his discharge from the Army, he continued his training, trying to find the 'perfect' art. He married and settled in Cleburne, Texas, and altogether, spent 10 years taking different styles and not being able to find one worthy of training through Blackbelt.

Then one day an advertisement in the town newspaper announced that instruction in Chinese Kung-fu Kenpo was being held at the YMCA in Cleburne. As Mr. Flores walked in, he observed the instructor, Mr. Don Trammell doing a Crane Kata. It was at this moment that Mr. Flores felt he had now found the 'perfect art' he had been searching for all these years. The instruction was not part of the "Y" as Mr. Trammell was only renting space there, but more like a team already hand-picked to study his art. Mr. Flores was readily accepted, and to this day, he still studies and teaches "his art".

Mr. Trammell lived in Joshua, Texas and had dojos in both Cleburne and Joshua. Mr. Flores followed him back and forth; hardly a day passed when they did not train together while Mr. Trammell was home. When Mr. Trammell went out on the road driving trucks, Mr. Flores would train alone or take instruction from area instructors that would enhance his kenpo knowledge.

Mr. Flores trained under Mr. Trammell for eleven years and did not test after the purple belt. He was after the knowledge, not the belt.

One day, Mr. Flores attended a major kung-fu demonstration in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Trammell was out of town and had been for a few months. It was here that Don Coleman approached him and asked about Mr. Flores' training. After Mr. Flores explained his situation, Mr. Coleman asked if he could come to Cleburne to see Mr. Flores' training. Mr. Flores agreed and when Mr. Coleman came to Cleburne, he asked Mr. Flores if he would like to test under him. Mr. Flores agreed and after the lengthy test, Mr. Coleman awarded Mr. Flores the 4th Brownbelt, the highest level of brown in kenpo. But, as Mr. Coleman rode his motorcycle back to Ft. Worth, he thought more about Mr. Flores' abilities and decided to award him the 1st Degree Blackbelt. He called Mr. Flores that night to announce the news, but Mr. Flores asked him to hold the Blackbelt until he would become proficient in eight martial arts weapons. One year later, Mr. Flores accepted the rank, and Mr. Coleman drove to Cleburne to award it to him. Mr. Flores was awarded the Blackbelt officially on August 24, 1983.

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