Internal Strength. Chi

Chi is an energy that all of us have. All of us have it? Really? Yeah! Now, why do we call it Internal strength? It's complicated. We use chi for power. Some styles, like Tae Kwon Do, use external power. External Power is muscle. Internal Power is chi.

Is there something wrong with muscle? Not at all! You need it in fact. Do you remember on the Meditation page when I was talking about being relaxed? Well, using internal power in our system is more relaxing than using external power. It uses less physical power and more chi.

How do I use it? Well, you'll need training for that. Tai-Chi helps to develop it. Meditation can help. Are you seeing how all of this is coming together? This is a COMPLETE system. There's a reason we do everything we do and you'll soon see, it all comes together.