Children. What can it teach my child?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Kenpo teaches children:

Imagination - Learn to build imagination while visualizing situations. We train using visualization. When we 'see' the attack coming through visualization, we train the mind to react to the actual attack if it happens in real life. To visualize their success in tasks as well as to visualize their survival in case of an attack.

Discipline - Develop self-discipline to achieve goals in school and work. Our children need discipline. Starting them on it now is the best thing that a parent/guardian could do! Children learn by doing and watching others. Discipline is no different. Children act the way that other children do. Normally, they act like someone they look up to, or they act like others that they try to impress. Putting them in training will allow them to see how to act in a group setting. We are not a rigid disciplinary dojo though. We believe that children learn better when not stressed out and when children have fun in what they do, they do it better! It's fun for children, yet they still get the discipline that they need.

Self Esteem - Builds self esteem in children and gives them the 'I can' attitude. There is nothing that I like to see more than a child that has confidence in themselves. As adults we should always encourage children to do what is right and healthy. From the first day a child is born, they are preparing for adulthood. Building their self-esteem now gives them the confidence to tackle seemingly impossible goals as an adult. They can because they believe in themselves! Kenpo helps with that because it is an individual effort. The sifu cannot do it for them, the instructor can't do it for them and the parent's can't do it for them. It's all their responsiblity so it makes them feel like they can do anything! Children love it!

Respect - Teaches respect not only to authority but also to peers. We all need it. I have a saying: 'I expect you to respect each other as much as you respect me.' This puts it in perspective for a lot of students. Not only do their instructors deserve respect but also their classmates. Works well.

Self Defense - Self Defense is taught through basics, techniques and katas. We all (adults and children) learn the same material. Children 9 and under have a different layout of material but still learn the same techniques eventually. This will help them defend themselves if needed, but more importantly, it builds self-esteem.

Coordination - Builds coordination through alternate flowing movements. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Through Kenpo, you'll learn to do much more than that! How about a block, with a punch and kick at the same time while keeping your balance? Sound hard? It's not. After you get training, you'll be able to do things you only thought cartoons could do!