Chin Na. The Art of Controlling.

Ok. What is this Chin Na stuff? Well, you've seen it in movies when one person takes another person's arm behind their back and walks them out of a room? That's a form of Chin Na. Shaolin monks developed ways to control a person by putting a limb in a joint lock, grabbing a muscle in a sensitive area or pressing a point that would drop an elephant.

Of course, we don't fight elephants. No, we don't WANT to fight ANYONE. That's the reason Chin Na exists. If a situation goes too far, our first concern is to get out of that situation without anyone getting hurt. Chin Na can be used to control a persons movement. You can make them go where you want them to go. Do what you want them to do. Say what you want them to say. SAY UNCLE!

Ok, enough playing around. This stuff is serious and of course we only teach the 'full' course starting at Purple Belt. But wait! You too can learn the principles behind Chin Na through carefully designed techniques that will aid and mold you into a well rounded Kenpoist!