Meditation. It's Time to Relax

What is meditation? Why do we have it in the martial arts? Well I'll give it to you straight. The way that we meditate is to focus on one point. Then we relax the mind. The balance of meditation with training rounds out an individual in remarkable ways. You, family and friends will notice an unbelievable difference.

Now, first the question: Why? We meditate to relax. The only time your mind gets relaxation is when we will it to relax. Even at night, while we are asleep, our minds are constantly going. This is why we dream at night. Our minds are constantly going and it's good for us to be able to slow everything down. Which gets us back to square one: Relaxing

Now let's get into the relaxing part. Why is it SO IMPORTANT to be relaxed. Well, we all know that stress is one of the number one killers in the nation. It's our goal, as a Kenpoist, to relax at every moment. We do this through breathing and meditation. It's crucial for our mental health to be as relaxed as possible. Now, I don't mean take a step out of the front door and go completely limp (you may hurt yourself). You should just be relaxed. No stress. Enjoy life. This is a lesson that is constantly trying to be mastered. Relaxed. Breathe.