Short/Long Range Fighting

Short range fighting? What's that? Well, let me explain. Think about this for a minute. You have to defend yourself and you are backed up against a corner. Would you believe that you can defend yourself EFFECTIVELY from 6 inches away? It's true! And it's awesome!

We start to teach this in Black Gi class. After Red Belt, you will learn effective drills that will enhance your ability to be able to defend yourself from a normal distance (Long Range) but also be able to defend yourself using Short range methods! You'll learn to defend against not only 1 but 8 attackers!

Of course, you'll have to learn to crawl before you walk, but I can promise that you'll love the steps you'll go through to get to this point in your training. Our techniques have been developed to introduce you to short range fighting long before you get to Black Gi so you'll already know what to do by the time you get there! Have fun with it!