Schedule. AKA: Our Workout Times

Great! So you've read through the site and decided that you're going to give us a try! I'm glad to hear it! You will love the relaxed atmosphere and fun times that we have in every class.

Class Fees are $70.00 per/mth.

Our current schedule is:

White Gi Classes (Beginner - All Ages)

  • Tuesday: 7pm - 8pm
  • Thursday: 7pm - 8pm
  • Black Gi Classes (Advanced - All Ages)

  • Tuesday: 8pm - 9pm
  • Thursday: 8pm - 9pm

We also offer Private classes! These classes are 50 min. long with one on one instruction. These private classes are normally held outside of regular classtimes. Please speak with the head sifu or Office Manager to have a schedule set up. With private classes, you can learn at a your own speed, whether it be fast or slow. This is a great way to study the art of Kenpo! Call for pricing.