Tai-Chi. Yang-Style.

Everyone has heard the term Tai-Chi. You have probably even seen it on tv. As of late, it's been gaining popularity among the western civilizations and is being taught at several studios worldwide. There's a reason for it. Tai-Chi is a form that gets the natural energy (chi) in your body to circulate causing you to have more energy. There are several styles of Tai-Chi: Yang, Sun and Chen. These are the major forms. There are other forms that are not as widely taught. All forms of Tai-Chi are beneficial in some way. Our dojo teaches Yang. This is the most common form.

Throughout your studies, we will teach you: Warm-Up drills, Breathing Drills, Moving Drills and the complete form. This is the first phase. During the second phase, you will learn Shiatsu, Food Combining (a healthy way of eating) and Accupressure (Pressure Points).

Produce chi and circulate to help all systems of the body. Energizes the respiratory (breathing), circulatory (blood), skeletal (bones), and often times most important, the nervous system (nerves).

This is the healing side of our art. Creating a well balanced student to benefit you and others around you.