Weapons. We Teach Them!

Of course we teach weapons! We're a chinese art!

We teach: Bo, Jo, Tonfa, Cane, Kama, Sai, Escrima and Katana

Weapons were originally farm implements used by Okinawan farmers. The government took all of their weapons away, and well, being the resourceful people they were, they used their farm tools for weapons. They had to defend themselves against Samurai warriors with farm tools! WOW!

Not all of the weapons that you see today were farm tools. The bo was originally used to carry water or put between Ox. The Tonfa was used for a Mill handle to grind grain. Sai was developed to plant rice or seeds. Kamas were used to cut grass and/or rice stalks.

During your training with the weapons, you will learn the basics for each weapon, katas and techniques. Each of these can be easily transfered from one weapon to another.

There are a couple of rules about the classes that we teach: You must be a Green Belt or above OR we can teach them in private classes.

You will learn stick and knife fighting starting in Yellow belt, but more importantly, you learn how to defend against them.